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SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - FRIDAY

In his fourth and final presentation Pastor Elliott Williams Ph.D. wrapped up the study of ‘Recla...

SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - THURSDAY

Two testimonies this morning demonstrated the power of intercessory prayers.

SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - WEDNESDAY

“Mamma Mia!” said speaker, Tristan Cuniah, the First Elder of Wood Green Church, at the mornings ...

SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - TUESDAY

Entitled, ‘God will deliver’, Dr Byrd's sermon breathlessly traced the story of Peter’s delivery ...

Dr. Carlton P. Byrd is the Senior Pastor of the Oakwood University Church, and the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast, which airs on four international television networks.

SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - MONDAY

Welcome to SEC Camp Meeting 2018 'Reclamation' with Adult Commitment Speaker Dr. Carlton Byrd, NA...

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